Pikashow vs Thoptv:Which One Is Best Streaming App 2023?

Pikashow vs Thoptv: In this article, we’ll contrast Pikashow and Thoptv, two of the most widely used streaming apps in India. Which of these applications is the best? Both of them offer a huge selection of films, TV series, sports, and live TV stations. To assist you in choosing which app to use, we’ll examine the features, user interface, content, and other elements of each one in more detail.

Pikashow vs Thoptv,
Pikashow vs Thoptv,


For many people, streaming applications are their preferred form of entertainment. Streaming apps have seen tremendous growth in popularity in India, thanks to the availability of low cost smartphones and fast internet. Pikashow and Thoptv are two of the most well known streaming applications on the market today.

The vast number of movies, TV shows, sports, and live TV channels that are available on both apps can be overwhelming, but they also differ significantly in some important ways. To assist you in selecting the finest streaming option, we’ll compare Pikashow and Thoptv in this article.

Pikashow vs Thoptv: Overview

Both the free streaming applications Pikashow and Thoptv let users view films, TV series, live TV channels and sports. The app Pikashow, which is still fairly young, has become very popular recently.

It features a straightforward user interface and a big content library. On the other side, Thoptv has been around longer and has a larger archive of content. Like the ability to cast content to your TV and record Live TV, it also provides additional functions than Pikashow.

User Interface and User Experience

Any streaming software must have a good user interface and an enjoyable experience for the user, Pikashow offers a straightforward and attractive user interface that is simple to use.

Users may easily locate their preferred content thanks to the app’s efficient organisation. Thoptv’s interface is more crowded and could take some getting used to. When compared to Pikashow, it does, however, provide more customization options, including the ability to alter the app’s theme and font.

Content Library

Any streaming app’s content library is its most important component. Pikashow has a big collection of motion pictures and television shows, including the newest shows. Additionally, a wide variety of regional media is available, including Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali movies.

With over 5000 TV channels and a huge collection of films and TV episodes, Thoptv offers a larger content library than Pikashow. The material library on Thoptv, however, is not as well arranged as the one on Pikashow, so users would have to spend some time looking for their preferred content.

Live TV Channels

A wide variety of live TV channels, including news, sports, and entertainment channels, are available from both Pikashow and Thoptv. Thoptv has more than 5000 live TV channels, compared to Pikashow’s around 600. The live TV stations on Thoptv are less logically arranged than those on Pikashow, so users might have to spend some time looking for the channels they wish to watch.

Sports Streaming

The ability to stream sports is a key component of both Pikashow and Thoptv. A variety of sports channels, including cricket, football, and other well-known sports, are available on both apps. Users may find all the most recent sporting events and contests on Pikashow in its dedicated sports area.

Thoptv also has a section devoted to sports, and you may watch live sporting events there. Though it’s possible that Pikashow’s video quality for live sports is superior to Thoptv’s.

Video Quality and Audio Quality

When selecting a streaming app, the audio and video quality are crucial considerations. Pikashow allows users to stream videos in 1080p resolution and offers high quality audio and video for the majority of its content. High-quality video and audio are also available on Thoptv, albeit the quality may change according on the content and the user’s internet connection.

Device Compatibility

Both Pikashow and Thoptv work with a variety of gadgets, including streaming devices, smart TVs, and Android smartphones. Pikashow must be sideloaded onto the smartphone because it is not offered in the Google Play Store. On the other side, Thoptv is accessible through the Play Store.

App Updates and Maintenance

To guarantee that the app functions properly and without any errors, regular app upgrades and maintenance are essential. Both Pikashow and Thoptv get regular updates, while Thoptv might get them more frequently because of its larger user base.

Ads and Pop-ups

Ads and pop-up windows can be obtrusive and irritating, especially when using a streaming app to view content. Both Pikashow and Thoptv include advertisements, however their quantity and frequency may differ. Users may find Thoptv to contain more advertisements and pop-ups than Pikashow, which can be annoying.

Security and Privacy

When utilising any software, security and privacy are crucial factors to take into account. Both Pikashow and Thoptv are risk-free to use and free of viruses and spyware. Users should utilise a VPN to protect their privacy and use caution when downloading content from these apps.

Legal Issues

Both the free streaming applications Pikashow and Thoptv provide a variety of material. However, some of the material might be illegal to stream or piracy. Users should use these apps, at their own risk and should be informed of the legal ramifications of doing so.

Customer Support

Having good customer service is crucial while using any software. Both Pikashow and Thoptv offer customer care, however Thoptv might do it more effectively given its larger user base.


Pikashow and Thoptv are complimentary streaming services that don’t require a membership or payment.

Pros and Cons of Pikashow vs Thoptv


  • Pros: Simple and elegant interface, vast library of content, high-quality video and audio.
  • Cons: Not available on the Google Play Store, may have fewer features than Thoptv.


  • Pros: Extensive library of content, ability to cast content to TV, ability to record live TV.
  • Cons: Cluttered interface, may have more ads and pop-ups, video quality may not be as good as Pikashow’s.


Two well-known streaming apps that provide consumers with a variety of content are Pikashow and Thoptv. Although there are some parallels between them, they also have some significant variances that set them apart. When deciding between two apps, users should take into account elements like the interface, content library, video and audio quality, device compatibility, and legal considerations. In the end, the user’s unique preferences and needs will determine their pick.


Is Pikashow safe to use?

Yes, Pikashow is risk-free to use and free of viruses or malware. Users should use a VPN to protect their privacy and use caution when downloading content from the app.

Does Thoptv have a sports section?

Yes, Thoptv has a dedicated sports section where users can watch live sports matches.

Which app has better video and audio quality?

Both Pikashow and Thoptv offer high-quality video and audio. However, the quality may vary depending on the content and the user’s internet connection.

Are there any legal issues with using these apps?

Some of the content on these apps may be pirated or illegal to stream. Users should be aware of the legal implications of using these apps and should use them at their own risk.

Do these apps require a subscription or payment?

No, both Pikashow and Thoptv are free streaming apps and do not require any subscription or payment.

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